The word classic represents a perfect example of something with a timeless quality.


The Christmas TreeThe Christmas tree, also known as a Yule tree, has become known as the symbolic representation of classic Christmas. Millions of homes, businesses and public areas across the world use a decorated Christmas tree as a demonstration of their festive spirit. The tradition of decorating a Christmas tree is believed to have started in Germany in the 16th century. Sometime after that it is said that the Christmas tree was brought to England by Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert, from his native Germany. The renowned Illustrated News etching in 1848, featuring the Royal Family of Victoria, Albert and their children gathered around a Christmas tree in Windsor Castle, popularised the tree throughout England.
The Christmas tree can be decorated in all manner of ways, but most commonly known and what is now understood as classic elegant Christmas is the use of Christmas lights and decorations. Originally decorated by candles these have now been replaced by a variety of lighting options such as pin light. Baubles and ornaments are amongst other key elements that make the classic Christmas tree. To complete the tree an angel or star sits on top as a beacon, this is said to represent the Star of Bethlehem-taken from the Nativity.


The use of lights forms the timeless link from past to present- from candles to LED. Lights bring life to the tree and the glowing decorations entwined with evergreen branches creates a truly elegant effect. The use of lighting during this festive period although historically a Christian tradition has been adopted by non-Christian cultures in many Countries around the world. From the iconic lighting of sky scrapers in major cities to intimate candle lit Nativity scenes in local primary schools this adaptation truly now represents a classic elegant Christmas.


The strong combination of the classic Christmas tree and lighting brings life to any room for which it is placed. History and tradition create ambiance within a room and can be interpreted by any on looker in their own unique way. In addition to the Christmas tree, time has introduced other decorations that follow suit and have now become widely regarded as Classic Christmas, specifically garland and wreaths. Like the Christmas tree, these evergreen products represent a symbol of life. The garland can be placed in a multitude of places, with the traditional home typically installing a garland over the fireplace. The Wreath is normally placed on the outside of the front door representing the home from the outside. As a result, often this item has not had lights added to it but equally creates its own warmth.