Many hotel guests will have their own unique sense of what makes Christmas special to them. The tips below however are widely understood as ‘Christmas Favourites’ and therefore are worth using through-out your venue to enhance your guest’s experience.


Christmas candle display in a hotelCandles

The classic candle can create a sense of warmth in many environments. As a low cost item the candle is an elegant and easy way to add a touch of Christmas class throughout your property. Candles can be placed on console tables and complimented with some floral features or even just left alone in a stylish vase. Please always be mindful of risks when using candles.


Dried Orange Cinnamon Star Anise for Christmas Display and AromasCinnamon

The aroma created by this spice is widely associated with the festive period. Either broken up as part of a bigger display or bundled together in a decorative platter. This simple but effective spice will create a wonderful sense of Christmas.

Dried Fruits

The amazing colours dried fruits can produce become art in their own right. Dried fruits, in particular oranges, can be used for decorative purposes in displays for your guests upon arrival or simply placed in their room as a wintery welcome. Beautifully simple, but highly effective.

Roast Chestnut for Hotel guests on arrival and check inRoast Chestnuts

Another Christmas Classic. The chestnut (traditionally roasted over an open fire) symbolises the joy of food. Although used throughout the year, the festive time sees a huge spike in sales. Have your team build a display incorporating a few of the foods and spices mentioned here and give your guests a mouth watering experience.

Gingerbread House Christmas display in a hotelGingerbread

As above this can serve a multitude of purposes. From full displays within your dining/guest areas to a welcome gift served on arrival. Provide a sample of freshly made ginger bread, stock out your gift shop and your guests will have found the perfect gift to take home to the children.

Mulled Wine for hotel guestsMulled Wine and Mince Pies

What better way to welcome your guests after a long journey. Encourage them to take a few minutes to appreciate the surrounding filled with stunning decorations. A glass of warm mulled wine and a mince pie over looking a stunningly elegant Christmas tree is enough to make anyone feel at home. You might want to try warmed blackcurrant juice for the children though.

Christmas Carols singing in the hotel lobby for lighting up ceremonyCarols

Set a time each day or once a week for Christmas carols to be sung. We have seen this both in the hotel itself, but also just outside the entrance welcoming your new arrivals. Carol singers are always a winner for bringing a smile to anyone’s face.

Christmas Poinsettia flower display in hotelsPoinsettia

Have your floral team create a wonderful poinsettia display. Renowned for its festive appearance this is a must have for every home and therefore your property. Adapt the display to include some of the other points above to really enhance the overall effect