classic-elegant-christmas-tree-in-red-velvet-theme-close-upChristmas is an inspirational time of year, full of hope, happiness and joy. With an abundance of tradition it truly is a festive time. We believe in Christmas and are passionate about it – our positive client feedback and annual success inspires us to continue growing our business.


We take pride in our constant product development and understanding the latest trends. We have used this and our extensive experience to understand better the needs and demands placed on a hotel during the Christmas period.


★ We understand the importance of a professional service;

★ We understand the importance of prompt delivery;

★ We understand your aspirations and venue requirements;


We have now combined our product development and client needs with our artist’s 25 years of design experience to create our Five Stage process. Our Five Stage process is guaranteed to give your hotel a stunning touch of elegance, charm and festive spirit.

The St. Regis Osaka Hotel Christmas decorations to the main entrance