Do you sell retail?

No, our focus and expertise is supplying to the Hotel Industry. We are however always looking at ways to grow our business and may consider retail in the future. If you have seen one of our products on display and would like one as a memento, please do feel free to contact us and we may be able to arrange single unit production for you.


Are your products recyclable?

Due to the multitude of products and components we supply we are unable to confirm what can or cannot be recycled specifically. You will need to check with your local recycling initiative to understand what they will accept with regards these types of products. We are happy to provide details of material composition on request. Due to the high standard of our products, some of our clients will however often reuse either full or part elements of the decorations. In this case we advise clients to carry out the necessary safety checks to ensure products are good and safe for use. We are able to compliment existing designs with additional extras to expand the life span of the products, designs and theme. This has provided our clients with great value and consistently high standard of results.


What is the power consumption of a Christmas Tree?

This varies depending on the size of tree, number of lights and type of lights installed. Please visit our ‘tree technologies’ section for further details. If you are ordering a specific tree with lights we will be able to provide details depending on the bulb type and quantity of bulbs on each tree. As our lights are specified according to individual requirements each product will be slightly different.


When do orders need to be placed?

All orders need to be place by 31st May. To ensure the high standards we always achieve it is important that all orders are placed by the deadline. It is vital that factory production and shipping deadlines are met. Please go to the ‘enquires page’ if you wish to discuss an order.


Where is your office?

We have operations in Hong Kong and the UK. Our primary office is: Five Star Christmas, 607 Yen Sheng Centre, 64 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwung Tong, Hong Kong. Please see our enquiries page for ways to get in touch with us.


Where is your production facility?

Our primary facility is located in Shenzhen, China. We make frequent visits to ensure quality control is in place and schedules are met. We also source products from all over the world depending on specific client requirements.


Do you have a print/online catalogue?

No, every client’s request is unique and we therefore do not offer generic products. We do however, offer a variety of standard products for which elements can be customised to suite your particular property. Examples of our works are available in the ‘portfolio’ section of the website and more detailed options can be emailed or sent upon request. Please visit our enquires page to request further details.


What are your payment terms?

We require 50% deposit upon confirmation of your order and the balance is due upon receipt of the order. Exact details of payment terms will be set out clearly within the contract.


When can we expect to receive delivery?

We will arrange delivery to suit your time schedule. Different clients in different Countries install at varied times. This ranges from mid October through to early December. It is imperative that orders are placed early to avoid delays in shipping at this incredibly busy time of year.


Do you remove and store for us?

No. The unique design of our products ensures that you can install and remove the decorations with ease yourselves. We recommend flat packing of the delivery boxes enabling reuse of the boxes during ‘take down’ and help store the decorations for best possible use for the following year.


Do you offer installation support?

Yes. Most of our client choose to install in-house, however we also offer an installation support service whereby we send a team to assist installation. We are happy to quote for this service if you wish us to. Please visit the enquires page on complete form.